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VisualText is a general development enviroment for natural language processing, pattern matching, and more.  Sample application types that VisualText can support are described below.

Sample Applications:

  • Information Extraction - Systems that accurately extract, correlate, and standardize the important content of text.
  • Shallow Extraction - Systems that accurately identify names, locations, dates, and other atomic features of text.
  • Indexing - Indexing text for quality search capabilities on the World Wide Web and other electronic text sources.
  • Filtering - Systems that are both accurate and fast, to determine if a document is relevant.
  • Categorization - Systems to determine the topic of documents.
  • Data Mining - Finding important nuggets of information in voluminous texts.
  • Test Grading - Reading and matching prose tests with idealized answers.
  • Summarization - Building a brief, accurate description of the contents of a text.
  • Automated Coding - E.g., resumé processing, medical reports, and police reports.
  • Natural Language Query- The ability to ask a computer questions using plain text.
  • Dissemination - Routing documents to people or locations that require them.

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