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Text Analysis International's management team combines many years of top management, entrepreneurial and technology experience with advanced software systems.

Avi Meyers - Chief Executive Officer, President, and Co-Founder

Avi brings tremendous drive, energy, and a win-win philosophy to TAI.  He is a seasoned entrepreneur and has headed several successful business ventures.  He co-founded TAI and has served in several key posts within the company.  Avi obtained a BA in International Relations and an MA in International Policy Studies from Stanford University.

Keith Woods-Holder - Chief Operating Officer

Keith brings to TAI unmatched expertise and experience in Text Analytics and Social Media monitoring As CTO of Glide Technologies, Keith designed its MediaIntelligence platform, which pioneered the fusion of real-time contextual sentiment across media channels including broadcast and social media.  Along with the analytical processes, he developed and scaled up data visualization for metrics and scorecards, allowing millions of items to be presented and easily understood.  Actions, insights, charts, and maps provided companies and organizations with up-to-the-minute views of events, impact, and opportunities to engage customers and stakeholders.

When NASDAQ OMX acquired Glide in 2011, Keith took on Managing Director of Glide Technologies to oversee the integration of technologies into a unified platform. In 2011, he was awarded a patent for contextualizing measurement with automated text analysis systems. He specializes in developing, training, and mentoring corporations in applying new methods for understanding markets, reseach, and communications with customers across a broad spectrum of industries.

Prior to Glide, he founded the KWHR Network, a corporate information research organization which developed new technologies with enhanced measurement and insight for major corporations including Kodak, IBM, Webber Shandwick and Sony, along with international organizaions including the European Union, WHO and Unicef.

Together with his deep background in technology and mathematics, he has worked at board level with companies to develop a comprehensive understanding of the commercial needs of organizations and how they can use measurement to enhance their business.  He has lectured at universities and conferences on best practices and new approaches to cope with the rapidly evolving landscape of company, media and user-generated information and how it can help drive commercial success.

Amnon Meyers - Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder

Amnon has more than two decades of cutting-edge experience in the area of natural language processing, leading the creation of innovative systems and approaches in aerospace and in the university.

Amnon has a BS in Biology from MIT and MS degrees in Chemistry and Computer Science from UC Berkeley. At UC Irvine (1982-87), Amnon conceived a knowledge representation framework, which he used in creating VOX (Vocabulary Extension System) under contract to the Navy and DARPA.  VOX inspired the launch of the well-known Message Understanding Conference (MUC) held periodically by DARPA .  At McDonnell Douglas (1988-93), he and David de Hilster (also at TAI) developed TexUS (Text Understanding System). At TRW (1993-98), he and David built a new DEFT (Data Extraction From Text) system for the InfoWeb document management system.  These  systems were key to several contract wins for their respective companies.  Amnon's career is marked by successive advances in a pragmatic line of natural language processing research, emphasizing tool kits for NLP.  He brings his accumulated experiences to bear in leading Text Analysis International's advanced technology development.

David de Hilster - Director

David is co-architect of TAI's VisualText technology.  Before joining the company, David worked as a senior engineer/scientist for I-Search, TRW, McDonnell Douglas, and Battelle Memorial Institute where he developed practical NLP tool kits and systems.  David holds a Bachelors degree in Mathematics and a Masters degree in Linguistics from Ohio State University.

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