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What is text analysis (TA)?

Text analysis is the automated processing of unstructured or "free text" to extract critical information.  Accurate text analysis requires the integration of a broad range of approaches, collectively called natural language processing (NLP).

For example, extracting business information from a Wall Street Journal article to determine which company had which earnings during which time periods is a very tricky undertaking that keyword, statistical, and neural network systems cannot begin to tackle.  This is the type of information a text analysis system can determine accurately and reliably.

Partially formatted text (e.g., newswire) and fully formatted texts (e.g., HTML) can also be processed by the same methods. The hard job is the unstructured text within the formatting.

Why the focus on text analysis?

Most of what people do with computers centers on text. People create, transfer, read, search, edit, and otherwise transform textual information in myriad ways.  Yet automated understanding of the content of text remains an elusive goal for today's technology, despite the huge potential and need for such technology.

TextAI's mission is no less than to revolutionize the state of the art and to bring comprehensive text analysis tools to the marketplace.

How is TAI's text analysis technology unique?

VisualText® is the first integrated development environment (IDE) for natural language processing.  It integrates multiple strategies as appropriate for the task at hand, including statistical, keyword, grammar-based, and pattern-based, as well as diverse information sources, including linguistic, conceptual, and domain knowledge, to quickly and efficiently develop text analysis applications.

The NLP++® programming language and Conceptual Grammar™ knowledge base management system combine with the GUI tools within VisualText to provide a self-contained and fast edit-and-test development environment.

VisualText enables users to conveniently maintain and enhance their text analysis applications with reduced need for linguistic and programming expertise, and with reduced reliance on TextAI for maintenance and support. This is facilitated by our patented methods for automatically generating rules from user-highlighted (i.e., annotated) text samples.

See the features and benefits table for more details.

Accuracy and Customizability?

Ask our competitors about the ACCURACY of their automated text analysis solutions  Then test out their claims for yourself -- typically you will uncover a lot of hype.  Customers who compare VisualText-based solutions to our competitors will find that VisualText is the only choice for quickly building and maintaining the most accurate analyzers customized for your specific needs.  Customers who prototype their solutions with VisualText find that they quickly achieve accuracies around 80% and higher. With more investment of time and optionally with TAI's help, mid to high 90% accuracies are achievable for even complex text analysis tasks.  In a matter of WEEKS, not YEARS, you will typcially be extracting critical information at higher than 90% accuracy.

We challenge you to take the FREE VisualText download and start prototyping your text analysis application with it.  And TAI is pleased to help you build those evaluation prototypes. While VisualText must be licensed for commercial use, we encourage all comers to test VisualText internally for themselves on an evaluation basis.

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